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So you see just one picture, of me, the founder of Powerful Impact—so where does 'About Us' come in?


Clients will always work with me first, and then on occasion, another proven expert may assist with a specific project or special need. 

Deanna Geary, Owner


You only have one chance to make a first impression and

I thrive on making entrepreneurs, businesses and

organizations look AMAZING!!


Accuracy and powerful visuals really are 'that important' in your correspondence, marketing, materials, presentations, reports—basically everything that goes out to the public (and internally). Trust it with someone who is not only an expert but truly enjoys the work and will throw themselves into it 100%! 


Lessening your workload allows you to focus on your priorities and the things at which you excel and love. Experience peace of mind assured the important fine-detailed work you have delegated is accomplished in a highly professional and timely manner. 

I am passionate about serving others, which is evident in the 30+ years I have worked in corporate environments and with many entrepreneurs, as well as numerous businesses and organizations. My extensive experience and skills will highly benefit you and your unique needs, along with my firm commitment to excellence and promise to always over-deliver.

The bottom line—you can place your trust in me!


I would be honored to serve your growing needs. By contracting with Powerful Impact, expert reliable services and solutions are just a call or email away. 

Wishing you success and wellness!

  • Adept at research and compiling information and data

  • Created extensive, detailed reports and manuals 

  • Designed custom logos, posters, brochures, training materials and much, much more

  • Served as an organizer, trainer, facilitator and presenter

  • Managed large grant projects with in-depth reporting

  • Designed and managed multiple medium marketing campaigns

  • Accessed and created training resources and materials

  • Created and maintained elaborate, information-intensive websites and served as a web review responder

  • Organized the finest details of theme parties, trade shows and large multi-partner conferences 


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