Hourly packages are available with a monthly retainer fee. You may also request a custom quote for a specific project.

Hourly Packages

Dark Blue Shapes


15 Hours a Month


  • One 30 minute call monthly

  • Weekly recap of services and hours used 

  • Referral bonus


Surface Aircraft


10 Hours a Month


  • One 20 minute call monthly

  • Weekly recap of services and hours used

  • Referral bonus


Surface Sound


5 Hours a Month


  • One 15 minute call monthly

  • Weekly recap of services and hours used 

  • Referral bonus



Pay as You Go


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*Monthly total is prepaid for the month prior to which they will be used. Hours may be used anytime during the month; however, they do not carry over, unless special circumstances. If additional time is desired within the month, the same package rate will apply.

Custom Service Packages

*Packages of on-going services will have monthly charges paid on a retainer prior to each month of service. If a project, 60% will be prepaid with remainder invoiced after completion. 

Responsive Website


Trust us to create, personalize, launch and promote your amazing website! 

Price depends upon number of pages, graphics, active links, forms, if products are sold, etc.

  • Simple Landing Page to a Multi-page Store

  • ​Hosting and Analytics Services

  • Desktop and Mobile Viewing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Monthly Updates & Value-Added Content



  • Forms

  • Pop-ups

  • Surveys

  • Chat 

  • Blogs

  • and more


Allow us to be your engaging virtual voice, making the most of your online presence.

Organizing content and scheduling social media takes time you probably can't spare. We can handle the basics or be your voice across multiple platforms.

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

  • Twitter

  • Instagram and more


Additional Services:

  • Blogging and/or custom content creation

  • Event creation and management

  • Contest creation and monitoring

  • Paid advertising campaigns

  • Friend requests and invites 


Professional and timely responses to online reviews is crucial to your customer base!

Reading and thoughtfully responding to reviews takes time. Trust us to vet reviews and respond appropriately. Cost depends upon:

  • Number of review sites monitored

  • Number of professionally written responses

  • Discussion time w/ client on posts requiring further feedback





  • Proactive contact prior to review posting

  • Customer surveys

  • Researching competition

  • Chat